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Common Course Outlines

This page provides links to MCTC's course outlines. These outlines not only include the course description, but will help you see what topics the course will contain, as well as the learning outcomes for the course.

Individual instructors will arrange these topics and learning objectives in a manner that most makes sense for their teaching styles and forms of evaluating student work in the course.

Community Health Worker Courses

Course Current as of Size
CMHW 1000 The Community Health Role Advocacy and Outreach 11/18/2011 8.12 KB
CMHW 1015 Organizations and Resources Community and Personal Strategies 11/18/2011 38.6 KB
CMHW 1025 Community Health Workers Role in Teaching and Capacity Building 11/18/2011 42.4 KB
CMHW 1035 The Community Health Worker Legal and Ethical Responsibilities 11/18/2011 39.6 KB
CMHW 1045 Community Health Worker Coordination, Documentation and Reporting 11/18/2011 8.30 KB
CMHW 1055 Communication Skills and Cultural Competence 11/18/2011 44.4 KB
CMHW1065 Health Promotion Competencies 11/18/2011 9.37 KB