Educational Programs

Common Course Outlines

This page provides links to MCTC's course outlines. These outlines not only include the course description, but will help you see what topics the course will contain, as well as the learning outcomes for the course.

Individual instructors will arrange these topics and learning objectives in a manner that most makes sense for their teaching styles and forms of evaluating student work in the course.

Computer Science Courses

Course Current as of Size
CSCI 1050 Designing Web Pages 11/18/2011 8.34 KB
CSCI 1100 Introduction to Computers 11/18/2011 35.8 KB
CSCI 1200 Computer Applications in Home and Business 11/18/2011 105 KB
CSCI 1500 Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving 11/18/2011 37.8 KB
CSCI 1700 Introduction to Programming in Java 11/18/2011 8.24 KB
CSCI 1730 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with C-plus-plus 11/18/2011 26.6 KB
CSCI 1733 Introduction to Computing and Programming Concepts 9/30/2014 86.7 KB
CSCI 1933 Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures 9/30/2014 87.0 KB
CSCI 2011 Discrete Mathematics 11/18/2011 7.11 KB